Taxpayers need to 'just say no' to governor's tax increases [Letter]

March 08, 2013

Little noticed during the publicity over gun control and efforts to repeal the death penalty is another significant spending increase proposed by Governor O'Malley. With no regard for the future impact on Maryland taxpayers since O'Malley will not be governor then, he has proposed another unjustifiably huge increase in the Maryland budget. The state budget has grown from $29.6 billion in 2008 to a proposed $37.2 billion in 2014 (up from $35.8 billion in 2013). These unbridled state spending increases continue while the nation's fragile economy continues to struggle and hard-working state residents must work even harder to make ends meet. Federal employees are entering their third year of a pay freeze with the prospect of furloughs and another 20 percent loss of pay this year. O'Malley, likely looking for support for a future national office run, is now proposing a 3 percent pay increase for state workers. How will this pay increase be funded? Take a close look at the funding schemes being used by the O'Malley administration to float, for example,15 year general obligation bonds to fund spending increases. These bonds must be repaid with the Maryland taxpayer once again holding the bag for spending that is far beyond the state's annual revenue. Take a look at the taxes you paid the state last year and the significant increase you are paying this year. Tax increases will continue unless we object! It is long overdue for the Maryland legislature to stand up to the excessive spending by the governor and for taxpayers to demand accountability from our representatives in Annapolis to "just say no" to any further tax and spending increases.    

Jonathan E. Miller


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