Gun rights advocate didn't provide the details [Letter]

March 08, 2013

Perhaps Mr. Goodman could be advised to present his case for gun rights advocacy without disparaging the character of someone he doesn't even know, my friend, Mr. Britt ("Obama, O'Malley missing the point on gun control," letters Feb. 21).  is no sycophant.  Using mocking and derogatory language about your opponent on an issue does nothing to justify or promote your position.  

Perhaps Mr. Goodman should stick to the facts of his own argument rather than imagining the thoughts of others. It would be nice to hear why he criticizes President Obama for nominating a permanent director of ATF. I think it is absurd to leave that position vacant.  Maybe he could tell us why he thinks we should protect the people who are such poor marksmen or have bad intentions that they need "scary looking weapons," too numerous to catalog, in the first place or old-fashioned guns that are easily retrofitted with speed loaders so they can shoot more bullets. To me, Mr. Goodman makes a really good case for banning all weapons. I'd rather protect people going to school, worship, their workplace or the mall from those who want the capacity to shoot lots of bullets in no time flat. I support the proposed gun safety measures to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He also seems unhappy with the proposals for gun owners in Maryland including $250k liability insurance; it doesn't sound like nearly enough to me. 

Perhaps he would also share the source of his statistics on "individuals supposedly denied by background checks." Apparently Mr. Goodman didn't investigate the truth of the numbers he used, either. I can't find support for them on the FBI website. It is hardly surprising that those with bad intentions avoid background checks now by using straw man purchases or go to gun shows. I think the point of improving the background check system is to make sure all gun sale transactions are subject to checks, close the gun show loopholes and have uniform reporting criteria for states across the nation. I think these measures would make life safer for all of us. 

Linda Hultgren


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