Kimco should include Today's Catch in Wilde Lake Village Center's future [Letter]

March 08, 2013

It was encouraging to read that the revitalization of the Wilde Lake Village Center will be shortly under way and will include a new and improved David's along with a CVS (Feb. 28). 

I did find the comment attributed to Kimco Realty's Vice President of Acquisitions and Development, Geoff Glazer somewhat concerning. The article stated that Mr. Glazer believes David's and the new CVS will present residents the choices of a traditional grocer. 

Perhaps Mr. Glazer does not realize that the true gem of the Wilde Lake Village Center, past, present and hopefully future, is Today's Catch.  Based on  this article and the way Today's Catch was mention almost as an afterthought, it appears that the importance of this store to the community is lost on Kimco.  For years, residents had the convenience of doing their basic grocery shopping at Giant and walking next door to Today's Catch for the best fish and seafood in town. 

If Kimco is even remotely interested in creating a complete grocery store experience for the community, they will make sure that Today's Catch is as easily accessible to David's as it was to Giant and will do everything within their power to make sure that this store succeeds in their new Village Center.

Cathy C. Hickling


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