Column on abortion doesn't answer who will support babies and mothers [Letter]

March 08, 2013

While I respect where Ms. Santo is coming from I can't sit by and not address some issues she neglected.  If every life begins at conception — where is that support when that baby is born? It is one thing to say every life is sacred and then stand by silently while WIC is gutted and Head Start is defunded and child care is difficult to find and in some cases out of reach for the working class. Where are all of these day-to-day supports that these children will need? Where is the prenatal care for the uninsured pregnant mother when Planned Parenthood has had to close so many of its doors? Without the right care how do we know that these children if born with issues will get the care that they need? Will Ms. Santo provide care for the newborn of a 20-year-old mother working two jobs to support her family because she is all alone, the father having long since disappeared? If you truly believe every life is sacred then there should be no hungry children in our community and those who need help should be able to get it once those fetuses become children.

Jenny Bonilla


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