Harford schools using two days to make up for weather closings

April 29 and 30, previously staff development days, will be school days


Harford County Public Schools officials have taken two days in April scheduled for faculty professional development and converted them to regular school days to make up for earlier closings because inclement weather.

April 29 and April 30 had been designated on the 2012-2013 school calendar for Teacher Staff Development, according to the HCPS website, and they were also set aside as make-up days for inclement weather if needed.

Eight days in the spring were set aside as make-up days if schools closed for bad weather, and five have been used, with the most recent closing taking place Wednesday in anticipation of snow that never actually arrived in any magnitude. Classes were also canceled Jan. 28.

The HCPS website also stated the scheduled last day of school for pre-kindergarten will be June 12 and the last day for students in kindergarten through 11th grade will be June 14.

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