AccuPay and the perils of outsourcing

March 07, 2013

Look where outsourcing gets us! The theft of tens of thousands of tax dollars because people have been sold on the economies of outsourcing and were not patriotic enough to provide jobs for people in their communities ("AccuPay lawsuits mounting," March 5).

And since our very "big" government, according to the Republicans, has been outsourcing its work for the past 30 years to private contractors and subcontractors, does this mean that private American citizens have been stealing from their own government? Remember the $600 toilet seats?

So, if governments, federal and state, have been overspending, I guess this means that some of our citizens have gotten very rich by stealing from themselves and each other. The argument for this outsourcing 30 years ago was that we would be helping to support American businesses. We certainly did.

It's called accountability, and auditing on local and federal levels doesn't appear to be a priority with any one.

Cecelia S. Hanauer, Abingdon

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