Despite report, John Waters not dead

  • Filmmaker John Waters was born in Baltimore on April 22, 1946. He is known for using Baltimore as the backdrop for his films.
Filmmaker John Waters was born in Baltimore on April 22, 1946.… (Amy Davis, Baltimore Sun…)
March 07, 2013|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Despite a report to the contrary, filmmaker John Waters is very much alive.

A website called National Report published a would-be obituary for Waters on Wednesday, with the headline: "Acclaimed Cult Filmmaker, John Waters … Drops Dead at 67!"

The report went on to say he was found dead -- apparently of natural causes. 

Despite the less-than legitimate look of the report or its source, a few folks believed it and began circulating it. This morning, a couple of people had already started mourning on Twitter, including one woman who Tweeted: "I woke up and John Waters is dead. I may have shed a tear or two and I will mourn now. and watch cry baby on repeat."

But Waters, reached by Insider this morning, says he's alive and well -- thank you very much. He's not only alive, he's in New York and on his way to Brussels Friday to perform his spoken word show, "This Filthy World."

"From beyond the grave and back I will confirm this is a hoax," Waters said by email.

So wipe away the tears. But keep watching "Cry-Baby" on repeat -- if you'd like.

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