St. Timothy's Church is acting in an un-Christian manner

March 06, 2013

As a Jewish person, I have been participating in activities and services at St. Timothy's Church of Baltimore County for the past six years.  I was considering conversion to the Christian faith and joining the Episcopal Church, but with what has happened, forget it! ("St Timothy's congregants vote to become Catholic," Feb. 27.)

It is shameful that the bishop has told St. Timothy's parishioners, who voted in good faith to join the Catholic church as part of the Ordinariate, that they would have to find a new place to worship by Easter.  Many of my good friends have been here at St. Timothy's for decades and even generations.  What is going to happen to all of the missions and outreach programs to the Catonsville Community, which St. Timothy's has initiated and supported over the years?  What support has the Episcopal diocese given to the parish?  How can anyone with a clear conscience belong to an Episcopal religion and dioceses that does things in a non-Christian manner? 

Aaron T. Ellis, Ellicott City

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