Letter: Question remains regarding church members' decision

Letter to the editor

March 06, 2013

I just finished reading Mary Tilghman's article "Church members vote to become Catholic" in the Feb. 27 issue of the Catonsville Times. The subject of this article is intriguing, to say the least.

I've lived in the Catonsville community for over 50 years and teach history at a nearby high school so the news that the congregants of St. Timothy Episcopal Church have voted to join the Roman Catholic Church was indeed surprising.

However, for all the information related to the nature of the congregational vote, pastoral support, and future plans, nowhere in the article was a very crucial piece of information mentioned: Why was this decision made?

Why did the members of an almost 170 year old parish in Catonsville make the historic choice to leave their Church and rejoin the one that Anglican/Episcopals split from nearly 500 years ago?

I hope that a future issue of the paper will provide more information on this story.

David Ditman


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