Happy to see proposal for Harris Teeter store in Towson [Letter]

  • Representatives for North Carolina-based Harris Teeter grocers plan to bid on the Towson fire station site.
Representatives for North Carolina-based Harris Teeter grocers… (Kim Hairston, Baltimore…)
March 05, 2013

I was so excited to see the article about the Harris Teeter proposal to come to Towson. My family would be very happy to see them here.

We moved to Towson a year and a half ago from Charlotte, N.C. We were regular shoppers at Harris Teeter, as it is such a great grocery store — it's clean, has healthy choices and great customer service, including free cookies for the kids while shopping.

After we arrived here we were very disappointed in the grocery store choices, the closest grocery store to us is too small and not clean. I currently shop at a grocery store up by the Beltway, which is OK, but is far for me and not as good as a Harris Teeter.

Wendy Marcello


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