Snow day? No way!

March 05, 2013|By Kristine Henry, The Baltimore Sun

Parents with children in school have a special take on snow forecasts. Some cross their fingers for a "school has been canceled" announcement so they can stay home and have a cozy day of fun with their kids, or some exciting action on the sledding slopes.

Others refresh the forecast page over and over, hoping to see that things won't be as serious as meteorologists thought and that school will in fact be in session and they can go to work as planned.

I'm in the second camp these days, and gone are the times I could stay in my PJs until noon -- or 7 a.m. the next day, to be honest. So with a storm headed our way, I will be very interested in what two Dance men have to say. I'll be keeping track of Scott Dance's weather blog, and I'll be waiting to see if Superintendent Dallas Dance closes Baltimore County Public Schools on Wednesday.

If you do find yourself home with a passel of kids on Wednesday, here's a fun list of things to keep you and your crew busy and entertained, courtesy of Crafting With Freckles.

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