Letter: Mourning the loss of Laurel businesswoman Jill Mooty

  • A native of Portsmouth, Ohio, Janis Robison moved to Laurel in 1973 with her husband, John, and they eventually lived in a Montgomery Street house John Robison’s grandfather had built.
A native of Portsmouth, Ohio, Janis Robison moved to Laurel… (2011 file photo )
March 05, 2013

On Feb. 8, 2013, Laurel lost Jill Mooty to cancer. Jill had been president of the Baltimore-Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce, was on the board of the Revere Bank, and was the owner of Jill Mooty and Associates, P.A., a local accounting business of decades that previously had an office on Compton Avenue and, up until the beginning of January, had an office near the hospital. She did the taxes for my business for the past 25 years and she is greatly missed. 

Joan Goldenberg


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