Les Petits Bisous serves up French-inspired macarons in Havre de Grace

A taste of Paris

  • Macarons from Les Petits Bisous
Macarons from Les Petits Bisous (Nicole Munchel / Patuxent…)
March 05, 2013|By L'Oreal Thompson

After falling in love with French macarons in Paris, Wanda Hall decided to open her own maison du macarons in Havre de Grace. Les Petits Bisous, which translates as “little kisses,” opened in August 2012.

“I thought, ‘Why not do something totally different?’ ” says Hall, 45, whose former career involved international human rights. “I thought about what I loved and missed while living abroad in Paris.”

And so Hall decided to bake and sell her favorite Parisian treat -- macarons, which consist of two crispy cookies with flavored filling in the middle. They’re made from a base of egg whites, almond meal and sugar using the French method of macaronage, which involves mixing the batter until it becomes a “glossy ribbon” when poured, explains Hall.

At Les Petits Bisous, there are about eight flavors in stock at all times, including lemon, vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel, as well as a monthly specialty flavor. Plus, they’re all gluten-free.

“They’re not very big, but the flavor is so intense, it enriches your day,” says Hall. “You feel like you pampered yourself.”

In France, macaron shops were among the first public places women were allowed to go without a male escort and socialize with one another. Ladurée, one of the most famous macaron shops in Paris, served as Hall’s inspiration for Les Petits Bisous. If you’re picking up a gift, Hall will provide complimentary wrapping for her signature blue and yellow boxes.

Les Petits Bisous

100 N. Washington St.

Havre de Grace, MD 21078



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