Dave Pietramala says absence of Rob Guida did not impact Johns Hopkins' inaccuracy

Blue Jays coach said he would like to see offense work ball around for better opportunities and higher-percentage shots

March 04, 2013|By Edward Lee, The Baltimore Sun

Midfielder Rob Guida will not play in No. 5 Johns Hopkins’ home contest against Mount St. Mary’s tonight, paving the way for a third consecutive start for the first midfield of seniors John Ranagan and John Greeley and junior Rex Sanders.

But the junior’s absence from the Blue Jays’ 11-8 upset loss to No. 14 Princeton had no effect on the offense’s shooting woes last Friday night. The team’s inaccuracy was especially personified by Ranagan, Greeley and Sanders, who went 0-of-11, but coach Dave Pietramala said Guida’s presence might not have changed anything.

“It doesn’t mean that Rob wouldn’t get quality shots, but after we reviewed the film – and we watched a breakdown of the 29 of 37 shots we took – those are shots we looked at and said, ‘We’re happy with those shots.’ So either we’ve got to do a better job of being fundamentally sound there or we’ve got to find a way to get different shots. Rex Sanders had three shots, and all three of them were from good spots. [Junior attackman] Brandon Benn didn’t have a bad shot. I do not believe that Rob’s presence – or lack thereof – had anything to do with our inability the other night to make those fundamental plays.”

Pietramala stressed that he was not placing the full brunt of the loss to the Tigers on the offense, pointing out the defense also suffered breakdowns and the team committed six of its 15 turnovers in the pivotal fourth quarter in which Johns Hopkins was outscored, 3-1. But Pietramala said the offense strayed from some of the principles it had embodied earlier in the season.

“[W]e would like to see us have a little bit more flow to the offense, move the ball around a little more quickly so that maybe that 12- or 13-yard shot becomes a 10-yard shot,” he said. “And I thought we were doing that in the preseason and in the early part of the season. We’ve gotten away from it a little bit and need to get back to it. A loss can suddenly remind you of those things.”

The Blue Jays won’t have Guida back on the field, according to Pietramala. “He’s not playing Tuesday,” Pietramala said. “He’ll be day-to-day, week-to-week kind of thing. But he is doing well.”

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