No time to throw out the Voting Rights Act

March 04, 2013

How fitting that after Republicans lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, plus lost the popular vote for Congress by over a million votes — and only hold on to their majority in the House by vigorous gerrymandering — the Supreme Court is poised to further erode our constitutional right to vote ("High court split clouds Voting Rights Act's fate," Feb.28).

When has this activist court ever missed a chance to legislate losing right-wing Republican policies from the bench?

That seems to be all the sad, sorry conservative movement has left to cling to as time, and history, have left their outdated 19th-century "morals" fading in the rear view mirror. I guess they see the writing on the wall, and will desperately cling to whatever dishonest tricks will extend their fading grasp on power. How pathetic.

As the continuing flood of news stories illustrate, now is hardy the time to throw out the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the only law that is keeping the right-wingers entrenched in power. In fact, it looks like it is time to extend Section 5 protections to all states, not just the ones in the South.

States like Pennsylvania, Indiana and Wisconsin have shown that these right-wing shenanigans have spread throughout the rest of the country, just as cancer metastasizes throughout the body.

William Smith, Baltimore

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