Delay ordering wedding bands at your own risk

  • Too many couples put off ordering their wedding bands and end up settling for a second or third choice.
Too many couples put off ordering their wedding bands and end… ( )
March 04, 2013|By Rachel Gatulis, For The Baltimore Sun

Ladies and gentleman, I know we get wrapped up in the planning and details but please, please do not leave your wedding bands until last minute. Let me clarify: Order your wedding bands at least two and a half months before your wedding. I work in a jewelry store and am speaking from experience. I can not tell you how many of my clients wait until the last minute and then everyone is in a panic to get a ring expedited and, too often, they may have to settle for a different ring in order to have it on time.

For example, I ordered Andrew’s ring back in November. At the store, we typically receive merchandise from this company within a week after placing the order. I only just received his band yesterday because they sent me the wrong band, twice. Plus, it seems as though all of that stationary bike riding has paid off because Andrew has lost weight and now, the band does not fit him. I have to return the new band and exchange it for a different size. Understand that these things happen but you really need to give yourself some cushion time so that the bands you chose can look and fit perfectly.

I am not telling you this to make you panic. I just want you to be aware and ready. Special orders, especially from name brands, can take up to eight weeks to be made and shipped out. Granted, you may be the luckiest of the lucky and have a stock size finger and fall in love with a band in the case that you can buy on the spot.

But, most of us have to have their band sized or remade in a different metal or tweaked so that the diamonds align exactly with your engagement ring.  Save yourself the stress and give yourself plenty of time to order your wedding bands. You’ll thank me later.

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