ExxonMobil ruling was the right decision

March 03, 2013

A recent article about the Maryland Court of Appeals decision striking down most of the $1.65 billion judgment against ExxonMobil Corp. for a 2006 underground gasoline leak in Baltimore County quoted homeowner Hans Wilhelmsen, whose family had been awarded some $60 million in damages, as saying that "nobody was looking for some sort of enormous payout, but just wanted to protect the asset" ("Fraud verdict in leak struck," Feb. 27).

The article did not disclose how many properties the Wilhemsen family owns, but he obviously lives in the priciest section of Baltimore County if it takes $60 million to "protect the asset."

I applaud the Maryland Court of Appeals — something that I am not accustomed to doing — for introducing an element of sanity into a runaway jury situation.

Although the court's decision was undoubtedly a "stunning blow to hundreds of families," as your article reports, it was perhaps more stunning to Peter Angelos, who stood to earn a lot more than any of the families affected by the leak.

Bob Price, Lutherville

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