'The Walking Dead' recap, episode 312: 'Clear'

'You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets'

  • Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) knows crazy when he sees it. And writing all over your walls in multicolored chalk is definitely crazy.
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) knows crazy when he sees it. And… (Gene Page/AMC )
March 03, 2013|By Andrew Conrad, aconrad@patuxent.com

Good God this show is depressing.

It's fun to look at dead bodies and blood and guts a little bit, but then you throw in all the nihilistic conversation and abandoned long distance hikers and by the end of the episode you're just like ._.

This episode was kind of a departure from the norm because it didn't really address the Woodbury-Prison storyline at all, and it really only featured four characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne and ... Morgan! Oh, and that hippie hitchhiker guy.

Spoilers alertz!

We can finally scratch "Where are Morgan and Duane?" off of the "Lingering questions" list!

Answer: Duane was the victim of zombofilicide and Morgan has gone off of the deep end.

Morgan did look pretty cool wearing that body armor and tinted motorcycle helmet though.

OK, for the more casual viewers out there: Morgan and Duane Jones met Rick Grimes in the very first episode of the entire series. And we haven't seen him since then ... until tonight. So it's kind of a big deal.

This episode was a little heavy on the dialog side, but I was kind of digging the riffing going on between Morgan and Rick.

I could imagine a community college philosophy professor sitting in the background on a desk just nodding and nodding like "Yes you guys! Yes!"

Morgan basically says that life is sh!t and Rick offers to bring him back into the fold even though they tried to kill each other. I don't want to speak for Rick, but you could kind of see what was going on in his dome this episode. Reuniting with Morgan gave him a little link to his non-insane past, and he also saw how insane Morgan was ("You were wearing dead people's faces!"), which told him that maybe no one has their kaka totally together, and maybe that's normal.

Or as Seal so eloquently put it: we're never gonna survive unless we go a little....

Anyway, Morgan politely declines Rick's invitation — cleverly deducing from his old friend's gun lust that a dangerous brawl was about to go down — and goes to incinerate zombie carcasses on his killing floor.

With all that fun stuff going on in King County, can you really blame him for not wanting to go hang out in a prison?

P.S. King County is the town that Rick and Shane lived and worked in before all the trouble started. I didn't realize they were still that close?

The entire episode wasn't just about Morgan and Rick's reunion.

Michonne and Carl also go on a little sidequest for Carl to get some presents for baby sister Judith.

During the trip, Michonne uses her ninja skills to nab the Grimes family photo and some garish cat sculpture, and in the process ingratiates herself to little Carl.

Carl later tells Rick "I think she might be one of us."

I read that as "I want her to be my new mommy" so now it's time for Rick to start macking.

As Rick, Carl and Michonne head back to the prison in the Hyundai, they pass the mutilated corpse of the screaming man who had been trying to flag them down at the beginning of the episode.

They wouldn't stop for him then, or even acknowledge his existence, but now they'll stop: to pilfer his Jansport.


One of the strangest attempts at humor ever on The Walking Dead

When Michonne does her little stealthy ninja bit to retreive the Grimes Olan Mills photo, she also produces this unusual, rainbow wooden statuette thing of a cat arching its back.

And then, as a way of explaining that her motivation wasn't entirely to do Carl a solid, she says that the hideous cat statue was "just too damn gorgeous."

WTF!? What is she going to do with that monstrosity? Anything other than lob it into the air and chop the heck out of it with her Genji Blade before it hits the ground is simply unacceptable.

Second place: At the end of the episode Rick says to Michonne "Do you wanna drive? Good, 'cause I see things." It got a little chuckle, but it was kind of like that moment at the end of a sitcom where they refer to something silly that happened earlier in the episode.

Another pretty good bit was when Michonne just started snacking on Morgan's granola (that sounds really dirty) and Rick was like "we're eating his food now?" Michonne just goes "the mat said welcome." I chortled.

Reintroducing Lennie James

Morgan is played by actor Lennie James. Lennie is British and has also been in a bunch of other TV shows, including Jericho, and the movie Snatch. He's a pretty sick actor. Remember when he was like "You said you would turn on your radio every day at dawn and you were NOT THERE!" That was awesome. Good to have you back Lennie.

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