Abortion commentary was clear call to find alternatives [Letter]

March 02, 2013

With respect to the Feb. 28 opinion piece by Ms. Santo concerning abortion, my wife and I want to compliment her for a lucid, logical and beautifully stated situation analysis. Her appeal for a "better way" than murder of innocents to deal with unwanted pregnancy should be a clear call to come together and find these alternatives. I am sure that in these polarized times there will be volumes of what can only be most politely called negative responses to her, but overlooking those distortions in charity should bring us to be able to move forward positively. I recall with a chill overhearing conversation at a soup kitchen between two women that "She's pregnant, but she hasn't decided to keep it or not."  Thus, life becomes a mere commodity for dispense at convenience. There needs to be a resolve not to end but to preserve life. Kudos to Ms. Santo for factually and logically stating the position of reckoning.

Michael and Geraldine Madden


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