Abortion commentary showed understanding of issue [Letter]

March 02, 2013

I applaud Maria Santo's  journalistic valor in her article regarding abortion last week.  Her perspicacious treatment of our country's involvement in this sordid business aptly pierces the twisted logic that has rationalized and legalized the killing of 54,000,000 children. I have always wondered how some individuals abhor domestic abuse, blanch at schoolyard bullying, cringe at animal cruelty and wince at terrorist waterboarding while turning a blind eye and deaf ear to wide-spread torturing of the pre-born. Everyone favors freedom of choice — i.e., in meals, attire, domicile, university, entertainment, profession, spouse, etc. However, the "right to choose" for which abortion proponents clamor is deceptive rhetoric since the discarded victim has no choice; often enough, even fathers cannot sway the decision. For too long, authentic feminism has been grossly distorted by claiming that women's choice trumps all. Such usurping of basic rights is eerily reminiscent of the slavery injustice in America. The Dred Scott decision painfully reminds us of a shameful blot on our national conscience. My hope is that commentaries like Santo's will also call our attention to an on-going societal atrocity and thus become instrumental in destructing the mentality that perpetuates such malevolence.  All of us deserve better!

Meg Foeckler


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