Orioles backup catcher Taylor Teagarden comes up sore

March 01, 2013|By Peter Schmuck | The Baltimore Sun

Orioles reserve catcher Taylor Teagarden woke up with back pain on Friday and has been shut down for at least a day or two.

Teagarden missed a big chunk of last season after suffering a more serious back injury in spring training, but he said Friday’s discomfort is not comparable to the problem that delayed his arrival in Baltimore last year until midseason.

“[It was] real stiff, pretty achy this morning, a little more than normal,’’ Teagarden said “Just want to be a little cautious, you know. Dealing with what I had to go through last year, if I have to take a day or two to let it calm down, that's fine.”

Teagarden said he isn’t sure what triggered the stiffness.

“Spring training -- it's a lot on the body because we get hot, we do an activity, and then we sit down, then we have to do something in the next hour, so it's a lot to ask on the body throughout the day,’’ he said. “LIttle things like this can come up every now and again, so I'm just trying to make sure it stays where it's at, and hopefully, [it’s just] a day or two."

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