Ticketmaster serves a purpose

March 01, 2013

Dan Rodricks says in his column ("A chance to break free of Ticketmaster," Feb. 26) about Ticketmaster fees that "everyone who has used the service to avoid standing in line for concert tickets has a Ticketmaster horror story."

This is absolutely false. I have used Ticketmaster many times and have always been satisfied with the service. Of course I, like anyone else, don't want to spend money unnecessarily, but I don't mind spending it when necessary. I did not resent the cost.

No one is required to use Ticketmaster. They can go stand in line and get what's left, or they can go online and select the tickets they want. Of course there's a fee for this service. Ticketmaster is not a nonprofit. I feel it is money well spent, and I hope Baltimore does something to keep Ticketmaster operating legally.

Clay Seeley, Owings Mills

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