Joe Flacco has become a star despite derision of Baltimore media

March 01, 2013

Mike Preston has taken every chance to knock Joe Flacco since he was drafted five seasons ago ("Ravens shouldn't overreact when it's time to pay Flacco" Feb. 25). He says it's not him, it's Jacoby Jones or Anquan Boldin who made the plays. Joe has to have "ideal conditions." Did he ever look at John Unitas' offense with three Hall of Famers, or Joe Montana's offense with Jerry Rice and coach Bill Walsh? Every quarterback who succeeds has a great supporting cast.

Mr. Flacco has outplayed Tom Brady three times in the last two seasons. He outplayed both Mannings, the anointed Andrew Luck, Mr. Brady and Colin Kapernick during the run to and through the playoffs this year. He's had five straight playoff appearances, three AFC title games, as many wins as Peyton Manning, and a record setting playoff performance this year. The great "Matty Ice" Ryan has one playoff win in his career.

Mr. Preston never seems to mention that Mr. Flacco suffered under Cam Cameron for four and a half years. He was a marginal at best offensive coordinator who may well have delayed or hampered Mr. Flacco's development.

Joe Flacco has become a star despite the constant derision of the Baltimore media. He deserves whatever contract he can get. If Mr. Preston was the coach, Troy Smith probably would have started. Where is he now?

Jim Kirby

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