Kamenetz: Huff is only human

March 01, 2013|By Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz says he believes Councilman Todd Huff -- who was arrested last weekend on DUI charges -- will learn from his mistakes, and called the Lutherville Republican a diligent councilman.   "We elect human beings to office, and human beings make mistakes," the county executive told the Sun on Friday, after a Towson press event with Sen. Ben Cardin to discuss the sequester. "The real test of a human being is how they respond after making mistakes. And I have confidence that Councilman Huff will make an effort to respond to his mistakes."

Kamenetz added: "In terms of his job as a councilman, he is diligent in that role."

Huff said this week he would relinquish his county-owned Jeep Grand Cherokee. He also gave up a $4,000 public-safety radio he was given by the county fire chief last year.

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