'American Idol' recap, The boys are back, and pretty bad

March 01, 2013|By Ericka Alston

We're finally down to our "best" 10 boys. After last night's snore fest, the word for the season is "underwhelmed." For the guys, we can add a word: "grossly underwhelmed."

The only highlight from the show was the phenomenal job by Victor. Some were almost scary bad. Practical joke bad, even.

I'm thinking the toughest job for the judges last night was to actually find four more butts to fill the stools next to Victor.

The show started with the return of Matthany, who screamed and screeched thru his song with this weird confidence, totally convinced that he was delivering a good performance, leaving me and the judges  perplexed. No one lied to Matthany. Poor song choice, bad performance, not your best and bad were the judges remarks. Honesty is the best policy, surely Matthany does not think there is a stool on stage for him.

The Turbanator! What happened? He was absolutely horrible. There was nothing about his performance that proved he should be one of the final contenders. I often wonder how the good singers that got cut feel as they watch the ones that made it through that have no real talent at all. We keep falling for the sad stories, gimmicks and turbans and often forget its a singing competition.

And now the show begins. Thank you, Vincent, for delivering a powerful performance (in key, even). Vincent went into an oldies vault and pulled the classic Lenny Williams song "Cause I Love You."

Zoanette stood and ran around the audience, the judges jaws dropped and mouths hung open and we at home were memorized. He sang! And it was good! Vincent saved the show and anyone after had a very tough act to follow.

The poor soul up next was Nick. Snore. Than Josh. Snooooooooore.

I have nothing to say about David, because Nicki said it all: David's performance reminded her of Christmas morning, when a boy gets a toy guitar and runs to the front of the family room and "plays" a song for everyone. She was spot-on. David put your toy down and go to your room.

Next up: Burnell, our fave that lost it all at the hands of hurricane Katrina. Burnell too was amazing. He lost weight, had a new cool look and a star like style, with hand motions, gestures and a new signature kiss to the crowd. Burnell felt like a star.

Nicki even said she'd buy a ticket to a Burnell concert RIGHT NOW! I'd be on the line with Ticketmaster myself for that one Burnell. Great job, there is a stool awaiting you no doubt.

The stuttering phenom Lazaro sang a Keith urban song. Lazaro always steals our heart first, than satisfies our need for a cool ballad later, held true true last night, we were pleased.

With Cortez, I was kinda on the fence and couldn't really determine if his song choice and performance were worthy of staying. Then I remembered the other performances and thought, compared to others, surely he'll stick around.

David. No.

Bryan. No.

Vincent . Heck Yeah!

Matthany. No.

Lazaro. yes.

Cortez. Yes.

Josh. No.

Turbanator. No.

Nick. Yes.

Burnell. Yes.

We've made it. Our top 20:

Adriana Latonio

Amber Holcomb

Angela Miller

Aubrey Cleland

Breanna Steer

Candice Glover

Janelle Arthur

Kree Harrison

Tenna Torres

Zoanette Johnson

Burnell Taylor

Charlie Askew

Cortez Shaw

Curtis Finch, Jr.

Devin Velez

Elijah Liu

Lazaro Arbos

Paul Jolley

Nick Boddington

Vincent Powell

Next week, we vote. Come on guys and girls -- give a show worthy of being called "Idol," baby.

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