Maryland's Flying Dog, San Francisco's Anchor Brewery have Super Bowl beer bet

January 31, 2013|By Chris Korman

The Super Bowl is serious now. Beer bragging rights are on the line.

While Budweiser inevitably will dole out millions on advertising during Sunday's big game between the Ravens and 49ers, two craft breweries with ties to Baltimore and San Francisco have opted for a friendly wager. According to the Frederick News-Post, Maryland's Flying Dog Brewery and California's Anchor Brewery have agreed that the brewery from the home state of the losing team will have to pour the other's beer for a week.

I'm not sure anyone here loses. Flying Dog's beers are delicious. So are Anchor's. Sharing in all forms should be encouraged. All fueds should be settled in this fashion.

Well, the tour guides do stand to go through some embarassment: the Flying Dog crew will be forced to wear Niners gear if the Ravens lose.

But at least there'd be a cold Anchor Breckles Brown waiting at the end of the day.

Flying Dog also entered into wagers with a brewery in Denver and one in New England, though in those instances cases of hard-to-find beers were on the line.

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