Ravens ladies want Super Bowl ring on it in Beyonce parody


January 31, 2013|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

In the latest video sweeping this Ravens-obsessed city, Baltimore women channel Beyonce with a Super Bowl spin on her famous "Single Ladies" video.

The women, in leotards and heels, brave the 20-degree weather from earlier this week to dance outside M&T Bank Stadium and at the Inner Harbor. It makes us shiver just watching them.

They sing that they're ready to put a Super Bowl ring on it.

That and a coat. Maybe some mittens.

Filmmaker Paul Hutson and Mike Maiatico edited the faithful-to-Beyonce video with photography by Will Cocks.

The dancers are Crystal "Wannabeyonce" T., Dena "Hey Diddle Diddle" M., Katie "Is it Seriously 16 Degrees?" D., Lauren "So Hot in Here" M., and Priya "Move Dem Chains" S.

We think those are their real names.

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