History Matters: St. Paul's Church to observe 100th anniversary

January 31, 2013

100 Years Ago

Quoth the Raven

"The Poe literary society of the Ellicott City High School was called to order Jan. 8, 1913, by the president, William Holman.

"The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. After transacting business the following officers were elected: William Holman, president; Eva Cavey, first vice president; Mary Gaither, second vice-president; Sadie Goldberg, secretary; Corona Hennessey, assistant secretary, Virginia Meade, treasurer; Thomas Worthington, sergeant-at-arms; Miss Minnie Murphy, critic."

Marriage licenses issued in Ellicott City:

"Jan 30th, Levi D. Tyler, 31, of Cambridge, Md., and Sadie E. Morgan, of Baltimore City.

"Jan 1st, Ferdinand Haase, 31, and Mary R. Gormerly, 31, both of Baltimore City."

75 Years Ago

Health report

Social notes: "Miss Anna Gertrude Blank, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Blank, Ellicott City, returned to her home on Tuesday of this week from the Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, where she had been a patient for the past week suffering from a throat infection. Her condition is reported as improving."

"Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Kruhm, of Dayton, entertained at dinner on Sunday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kruhm, of Montgomery County. Others present included Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Underwood, Mr. and Mrs. A.I. Ridgley, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Stansfield, Mr. Irving Amoss, Mrs. Edward Wheatley, Mrs. T. E. Massey, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hoffman.

"Mr. and Mrs. Charles McAlpin Pyle have returned to Burleigh Manor after spending the holidays in New York."

"St. Paul's Church to Observe 100th Anniversary

"It was announced at services held in St. Paul's Catholic church that the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the parish will be observed in October by a fitting celebration. Although no definite program has been arranged, Rev. M. A. Ryan, pastor of the church, announced that a meeting of the members of the church will be called in the near future."

The church's founding year was 1838, a time chocked full of good and bad news: Mexico declared war on France; Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery; the future Radar O'Reilly's turf, the Iowa Territory, was formed; Queen Victoria's coronation took place; and the governor of Missouri reminded that the focus of prejudice is not limited to one religion, race or creed when he declared in an Executive Order that all Mormons must leave the state, or be exterminated.

Samuel Morse also demonstrated the telegraph that year using dots and dashes. A few years later the first telegraph line was erected linking Baltimore and Washington, and in 1844 the first news report was sent via telegraph from Annapolis Junction to the U.S. Capitol. Today, Morse code is still used by HAM radio operators, as one Howard Countian reports: "My observation is that Morse code is a popular as ever, even more so," said Roland Anders, who teaches HAM radio courses at the Electronic Museum.

It was HAM operators who set up their equipment after 9/11 and bridged the communications gap between fire, police and other emergency services after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and also in other emergencies when cell phone connections can't be made. "Morse code is a simple technique with little bandwidth needed, so they can get through when voice and digital can't," said Anders.

A great place to see information on Morse, the telegraph, HAM radio, and lots of other electronic equipment is at the National Electronic Museum, right in Linthicum. The price is right too, $3 for adults, $1 for students.

50 Years Ago

Congo to the county

Article in the Times: "Missionary From Congo To Speak Here Sunday

"The Reverend Kenneth S. Jones, who is a missionary of the Division of World Mission of the Methodist Church temporarily on leave of absence from his post in Kindu, in the former Belgian Congo, will bring the message for the morning worship services in two West Howard County churches — Poplar Springs and Jennings Chapel — next Sunday February 3."

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