49ers coach Jim Harbaugh passes endurance test at Super Bowl Media Day


January 30, 2013|By Tim Kawakami | San Jose Mercury News


After 60 minutes and probably 100 questions, Jim Harbaugh launched himself down the podium steps Tuesday with the same tight smile he had going up an hour earlier.

How'd Super Bowl media day go for you, Jim?

"Enjoyed it," Harbaugh said with nod of his head.

I think he was telling the truth, mostly -- Harbaugh certainly seemed determined to embrace his responsibility, the role and the entertainment value of the media madness.

The 49ers coach was patient throughout this long-anticipated endurance test, even during the 20 questions about playing against his brother John's Baltimore Ravens.

He was pleasant. He didn't snarl at anybody.

Harbaugh batted away the obviously silly stuff, of course, but he answered the reasonable queries as reasonably as he could.

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