Ravens will rally around Ray Lewis after PED allegations


January 30, 2013|By Mike Preston | The Baltimore Sun

I don't know where this Sports Illustrated report that says linebacker Ray Lewis took a banned substance will eventually lead Lewis or this organization, but it might have enough force to lead the Ravens to the Lombardi Trophy Sunday night.

There will be experts who say this type of report will be a distraction, but it will serve as a driving force. It will promote more team unity. The Ravens love Lewis, especially the younger players who listen to his every word.

Whenever No. 52 is attacked, the Ravens rally around him. I assume that will be a major theme for the Ravens heading into the game with the 49ers. They always wanted to win this last game for Lewis, and now they will want to win it more.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh won't need the perfect pre-game "boomalacher" for this one. It's already out there, presented by Sports Illustrated. The Ravens have been underdogs heading into three playoff games, but their "Us Against the World" mentality has never been stronger than it is now.


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