Ehrlich forgets 'President' Romney's foibles

January 30, 2013

Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. has outdone himself ("What if? Life under President Romney," Jan. 27). With his predictions of what would have transpired under President Mitt Romney, he has produced his funniest column yet. However, he seems to have omitted a few things that would have happened under the bumbling Mr. Romney.

To begin with, Mr. Ehrlich failed to mention Mr. Romney's plan to turn health care planning over to Prevention Magazine which, while resulting in an increase in subscriptions, did not lower the cost of health care.

Mr. Ehrlich also omitted the Martian invasion which President Romney countered by trying to mobilize the private sector into taking over, mistaking General Electric for a command officer.

Lastly, Mr. Ehrlich did not mention the appointment of himself as the new Secretary of Paranoia.

Alan L. Katz, Owings Mills

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