Super Bowl, follow a Ravens fan's journey to New Orleans


  • Meekah Hopkins' RV trip to New Orleans for the Super Bowl deserves two thumbs up.
Meekah Hopkins' RV trip to New Orleans for the Super Bowl… (Meekah Hopkins )
January 30, 2013|By Meekah Hopkins

“Hey, remember that time we took an RV to watch the Ravens win the Super Bowl … and didn’t go IN to the Super Bowl?”

As a young girl from Baltimore, I’ve always dreamt of saying those words, some might say destined to utter them. Orrrrr maybe that wish really began two weeks ago, with four minutes left in the AFC Championship Game.

Either way, by the time the game ended, and before I found myself screaming victory for 10 straight minutes, my buddy Steve had already booked a seven-passenger RV from the fleet at Cruise America in Towson, and, in the coming days, reserved us two different spaces at trailer parks around the French Quarter.

He also found "the holy grail of spots." We plan to park in the driveway of a man mysteriously known as “Creek" (pronounced Crick), whom Steve has been friends with "since 10:35pm on January 24th — via Craigslist."

Creek owns a home four blocks from Bourbon Street that he is eager to let us post up in front of. No, I am not joking.

Why an RV? Answer: We wanted to take an epic journey — as the Ravens have, a once-in-a-lifetime, heroic quest for glory. Real answer: flights and hotels were too much money. But in all seriousness, I’m pumped to get on the road with my husband, Sean, roadmaster Steve, and my girl, Jess, to see where the road (literally) takes us.

I’ll be chronicling the entire trip and as many New Orleans shenanigans as we can get into, via photos, right here for you throughout the week, from one Ravens fan to another. The only thing left to decide is what to NAME our "RV’eezy to the Big Easy" ( that name was already vetoed). Harbus of Destiny? Ray-creational Vehicle? Lombardi Party?

Suggestions are welcome. Stay tuned.

Check back on as Meekah documents her entire trip through photos, from Thursday through Monday.

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