U.S. must rethink its global priorities

January 29, 2013

So now the can has been kicked to the end of the road where the piper lives and must be paid. Will it be by cutting deep into the sacred cow of the military or by loosening the strands of the social safety net?

With our financial cupboard almost bare, do we continue to pretend to be the big man on campus of the world by wildly spreading (borrowed) money around like a drunken sailor to buy new, and maintain old, favor and friends? Why? Can we afford to continue to rush in, mostly all by ourselves, everywhere and every time sand gets kicked up by a world bully?

The U.S. risks becoming like that deluded poor soul of limited means who jumps in to help everyone outside his home, thereby eliciting and glowing in the praise and admiration of the community, all the while his children and parents are neglected at home, hungry and sick. Get and keep your own house in order before trying to maintain and change other people houses.

Spreading our high-minded ideals for the world to embrace means absolutely nothing to those in dire need who are hungry and sick, particularly those at home. Let's not become a paper tiger with a hollow soul.

James Hagerty, Westminster

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