Letter: Howard County homeless community is like a 'big family'

  • The Beechrest Mobile Home Park in North Laurel will be torn down and replaced with an apartment building for the chronically homeless. The mobile home park has 38 units, including the one above.
The Beechrest Mobile Home Park in North Laurel will be torn down… (Staff photo by Sarah Pastrana )
January 29, 2013

This is in response to a letter Jessica Grant wrote about the homeless facility Howard County is trying to build in North Laurel in the opinion section of the Laurel Leader (Dec. 21). First of all we cannot compare the homeless men, women and children of this area to the homeless in Los Angeles and Florida.  

Evidently she has never been around our homeless community. I tried it for three years, mostly in North Laurel. I have met some great people, also a few bad ones, but most of all we are like a big family that takes care of each other.  

Don't get me wrong, it's a day-to-day struggle out there. I wonder if Ms. Grant has ever seen a campsite in Howard County? If not, maybe she should so she can compare it to the trailer park they are trying to replace. 

She says the new day center would increase the drugs and crime in that area. I read another article by one of the ladies who lives in the trailer park who wrote that those problems are already there. 

What gives Ms. Grant the right to come down on the homeless in that area when she doesn't even live there? Maybe the homeless don't want people like her to live there. Before she starts stirring up trouble I suggest she gets her facts together. 

Because of the day center that is up the road, I'm not homeless today. So I want to thank the day center and Howard County Executive Ken Ulman for trying to help those of us who want the new day center.

Jerry Massey

Ellicott City

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