Letter: Uprooted Beechcrest residents should have chance to buy the park

  • The Beechrest Mobile Home Park in North Laurel will be torn down and replaced with an apartment building for the chronically homeless. The mobile home park has 38 units, including the one above.
The Beechrest Mobile Home Park in North Laurel will be torn down… (Staff photo by Sarah Pastrana )
January 29, 2013

Reading about the purchase and forthcoming closing of Beechcrest Mobile Home in North Laurel, I felt empathy for the residents. It's always difficult to have to leave your home, and when you're given no choice, or forewarning, I would guess it's even harder.

Probably the members of the Howard County Commission had their hearts in the right place, by purchasing the Beechcrest park and planning on building housing for the homeless on the land. However, the uprooted residents of Beechcrest, should've been given more consideration.

I am aware that both Florida and Delaware and, I'm assuming, other states, too, have laws that require informing the residents of a mobile home park that someone has made an offer to buy their park. Then, after the residents are informed of the possible purchase, they're offered the opportunity to purchase the park themselves, before any other buyer can be permitted to do so.

I would strongly recommend that this law be adopted in Maryland as well.

Sally S. Crouch


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