Greetings from the Big Easy


January 28, 2013|By Peter Schmuck | The Baltimore Sun

The first thing you need to know about the Big Easy is that it was a lot easier to get here than the last time I visited New Orleans. Got a cheap flight into Jackson, Miss., and the difference in fare for driving a couple of hours paid for the rental car for the whole week and — if I can get a reservation — dinner at Emeril’s restaurant in the warehouse district.

My previous trip, in January 1976, was quite a bit more involved. I drove here from Southern California with two friends during winter break with the intention of visiting the Crescent City and then continuing on to Miami to scare up some tickets for Super Bowl X. For some reason, I can’t possibly expect to remember, we decided to stay in New Orleans, probably because of all the great libraries.

Strangely, my clearest memory was of being accosted by a few hundred pigeons in Jackson Square. I’ll stop by tomorrow and see if any of them remember me.

As for the Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers won that game, 21-17, so we didn’t miss anything important.

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