Women in combat to stay

January 28, 2013

Women have been given the opportunity to serve the armed forces in direct combat ("Military ceiling lifted," Jan. 25). This is a landmark opportunity for females to have equal opportunity with their male comrades when engaging in battle. Forget gender gibberish, it boils down to attitude and commitment. There will certainly be scenarios where females will be making life and death decisions on the battlefield where there is no virtual component. Their decisions in the midst of combat could possibly help save lives. With the inclusion of females, the armed forces should grow both literally and figuratively.

This is a chance for some females to prove that they, too, have all the capabilities (including the physical) to fight on the front line. Women will be a great asset because they may offer a different perspective in times of combat and crisis as opposed to the male perspective.

It's just another positive leap in the annals of time to forward the cause of shedding the blinders toward one's gender and the supposed associated capabilities.

Girls in the heat of battle, let's become acclimated to it, because it's here to stay.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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