Susquehanna Center/APG Federal Credit Union Arena features energy-saving equipment

January 28, 2013

In building the new Susquehanna Center/APG Federal Credit Union Arena, the college selected the most energy efficient equipment available.

The new arena consists of more than 100,000 square feet of building space, the largest single building on the campus, and consumes a tremendous amount of energy needed to light, heat and cool the building.

By selecting high performance equipment, HCC received a rebate for more than $90,000 from Baltimore Gas and Electric. This rebate was used to help purchase the energy efficient equipment resulting in a no-cost agreement between the college and installing contractor. This equipment will reduce building energy cost by thousands of dollars per year over the life of the equipment, which is expected to be well over 20 years.

Major components of the building include a 3,200 seat arena, pool, multipurpose rooms, fitness center and dance studio. Additional energy saving components incorporated into the building design include low-flow restroom fixtures to reduce water use, energy efficient lighting throughout the building, motion sensors to keep lights off when not needed, an energy efficient white roof to help reduce heat gain which reduces cooling costs and energy efficient window systems. The building will also have a computerized energy management system that will operate the mechanical systems to help keep energy use at a minimum while keeping the building comfortable for its occupants.

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