Ravens' Newsome says retirement speculation 'not even close'

At Senior Bowl in Alabama, Ravens general manager won't say what positions he's looking for

January 24, 2013|By Mike Preston | The Baltimore Sun

For some reason, there has always been speculation that if the Ravens got to another Super Bowl, general manager Ozzie Newsome would retire.

Newsome says that isn't true.

"That's not even close," Newsome said. "Really, I enjoy the guys I work with and I think we have a great staff. I really, really enjoy the players and my relationships with them and that helps me in coming to work every day. Of course, winning helps, too."

Newsome is in Mobile, Ala., at the Senior Bowl. He wouldn't tip his hand about what positions he might be looking at but says the philosophy hasn't changed.

"We have a process in place," Newsome said. "This allows me to see a lot of players athletically, and actually this is my first introduction to this year's draft because my schedule doesn't allow me to go out on the road. But I'm always looking for good players and we will take the best player available when it is our time to pick. That won't change.

"And just look at us and what happened to us this season. We had a lot of injuries and fortunately we had some good players step up, You have no control over injuries and who might go down, so that's why you always take the best player available. You can't get enough of those guys on your roster."

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