Mike Preston: Ed Reed is Ravens' silent weapon in playoffs

January 24, 2013|By Mike Preston | The Baltimore Sun

Safety Ed Reed has been the Ravens' silent weapon during the postseason.

He hasn't been involved in any big plays, but he hasn't given up any, either.

One of the main reasons the Ravens have been successful against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady has been the discipline of Reed.

He isn't cheating up any more. He isn't trying to jump routes.

He is just playing back and teams are afraid to throw at him.

Brady threw two passes Reed's way, and Manning wanted no part of Reed.

There is a perception that Reed is at his best when he is gambling and out of position. Actually, the Ravens and Reed are at their best when he is playing on the back end and taking away one side of the field because teams fear throwing at him.

Reed will have to be as disciplined again in the Super Bowl because the 49ers like to use the deep ball.

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