What happens when Jimmy Kimmel takes over Julie Bowen's Twitter

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January 24, 2013|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

People who follow Julie Bowen on Twitter might have been in for a shock if they saw what she was Tweeting around lunchtime Wednesday. Let's just say, she wasn't herself.

Tweets included:

"Am I the most talented actor on Modern Family? In a word, yes. But everyone is great."

"Four days without shoplifting, if you don’t count Luna Bars. "

"Pizza is for fatties #tweetingnoteating"

There was also: "in my opinion, @ did what needed to be done FOR AMERICA."


Turns out, after appearing on his show, Bowen lost a bet to Jimmy Kimmel and the upshot was he had control of her Twitter account for an entire day.

Though most of her followers might have missed it, early in the day she tweeted: "lost a bet to @jimmykimmel. he will be CONTROLLING MY TWITTER ALL DAY. #godhelpus."


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