Letter: Merriweather's temporary stages add significantly to noise levels

January 24, 2013

 In many of the letters that have been published, the statement has been made that if you move close to Merriweather, you should not complain about the noise. Let me tell you the other side of the problem.

Fifteen year ago, my lady and I thought we had found our perfect retirement home at Wyndham Condominiums. We perceived no problem with Merriweather; and at first, there was none. Sometimes you could not tell there was even a concert. Over the years, the volume of Merriweather has gotten louder so that even with the doors and windows closed, the noise is barely tolerable, but this is not the main problem.

About six years ago, Merriweather started putting up temporary stages and having events outside of the pavilion in the parking lot. This was something new and had not taken place before that time.

 Unfortunately, the choice of location for the temporary stages is as close as possible to homes and residences and about 500 feet from our condominium with some others even closer.  We are in a direct line with the stages with nothing to mute the sound. We mainly hear the percussion and our windows really do vibrate

I thought there were laws to protect home owners from infringements such as this. Is Merriweather above the law? Seems like it! 

Hugh R. Tousey


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