Letter: State lawmakers should follow President Obama's lead on gun safety

January 24, 2013

I don't think I've ever been so proud of an American president as I was watching President Obama speak so movingly about the victims of recent gun violence and the executive actions he was going to take to curb the country's epidemic of gun violence. What tremendous courage — guts, really — to stand up against the NRA and call for sensible, responsible gun control measures to keep kids and others in our society safer and more secure.

Hopefully, Governor O'Malley and the Maryland legislature will heed the president's call. Maryland lawmakers can follow the bold lead of New York state in enacting tougher, reasonable, gun control measures to keep us all safer. As the president showed, it takes guts and political will. I'm betting that the governor and lawmakers in Annapolis will rise to the occasion.

Michael E. Britt


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