'American Idol' recap, Country stars (and total bombs) in Charlotte

  • Naomi Morris auditions on "American Idol" in Charlotte.
Naomi Morris auditions on "American Idol" in Charlotte. (FOX )
January 24, 2013|By Ericka Alston

We're in Charlotte, and if you weren't a country music fan before tonight, chances are you just might be buying your first country CD in the morning.

Recapping tonight's show was a bit challenging. We may have heard all of 10 auditions that really had talent and watched a lot of folks who had to know they didn't have a snowball's chance down under to get a golden ticket to Hollywood.

And yes, we got tons of Nicki and Mariah going at each other. It seems that's what America is tuning in for. and "Idol" refuses to disappoint us.

The show started with a visit from 10th season winner Scott McCreery. It was nice to see Scott's sweet little American boy face and watch him return as a star who had been thru the stress-filled process these new hopefuls are up against.

In true "American Idol" fashion, the very first person we meet tonight on the road to stardom is Naomi Morris, or "Omi" as Nicki Minaj renamed her. Omi enters and proclaims "I am the next American Idol" -- with conviction I might add.

Adorned in a Madonna-esque gold-studded pointy bra that the budding fashion designer created herself, Omi belts Aretha Franklin's "Respect." We all were certain that if Ree-Ree heard this rendition, heads would roll.

Asked to try another song, because clearly Omi was nervous and needed to warm up a bit, take two: "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." Well, Omi should have been too proud to come on national TV and perhaps "Idol" should have been to proud to subject us to Ms. Omi. The singing was bad, however Nicki thought that Omi's "shoes were poppin'" and her "clothes were dope." Thanks, Nicki.

Checking his watch, approaching the stage we get a hearty "Good morning" from Joel, the 20-year old that opted to sing his audition while laying flat on his back. Get up, Joel and leave. Have a great rest of your day, there'll be no golden ticket for you. Joel will forever be affectionately known as "Jumanji" -- another Nicki Minaj nickname of the night.

First sob story of the night: Bryan, 27 who's wife was diagnosed with appendix cancer. Bryan told the story of how he was trying to figure out a way to tell his son that "mommy was going to heaven" and just as our tears start to roll, we learn that his wife is a survivor. Not just a survivor, but a survivor who got her nails and hair done just in case she got the chance to meet her idol Mr. Keith Urban. Bryan sang a beautiful "Let It Be," got a golden ticket, and his wifey got to plant a big kiss on Keith Urban's cheek. Off to Hollywood, big guy!

Trail Mix lunch break for Keith and Nicki.

Then there's Jimmy Smith, a Keith Urban-inspired country singer who did "God Bless the Broken Road" and set the tone for our very country night. Nicki thought his performance was "poppin" and "mad fly."

I never heard Simon use these descriptions, and kinda missed Simon tonight. It's Hollywood for Jimmy.

Next, the self proclaimed "Karaoke King" Matthew, with his Billy Ray Cyrus Circa "Boot Scoot" dance moves. He had more scoot than he had talent so we said goodbye to the Karaoke King. No ticket.

Nominated by her aunt, 16-year old Isabelle Gonzales felt "super duper important" when Randy showed up at Alpharella Senior High School to surprise her with a personal invite to audition.

I am certain that all of us who were tuned in saw the beginning of a very long and successful career for this young super star, listening to Isabelle sing a Sam Cooke classic made me smile. In the words of Randy Jackson, I think Isabelle just may be "in it to win it." You heard it here first, folks. Off to Hollywood with a well-deserved golden ticket for little Isabelle Gonzales.

What a pleasant surprise we got from Taisha, the African-American alternative rock chick that belted out Alanis Morrisette's "You Remind Me" after first singing and adding her own little twist to a Johnny Cash favorite.

With two yes votes and two no votes. Keith Urban held the tie-breaking vote and pushed Taisha thru to Hollywood. She'll last a little while. In my opinion she may only be a good garage band front runner and not a solo artist. This one will be interesting to watch unfold.

We sit patiently after the first split decision, but clearly not the last. In what felt like hours, the judges disagree over dozens of artists.

After a very long day for the judges, we were pleasantly introduced to Summer. Simon Cowell would have loved this beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed, song bird. She clearly offended Keith Urban when she said "I tried the whole country thing before." Clearly she wanted to be known for what she thought was her "soulful" abilities.

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