An 'F' for Z's coverage of Ravens broadcasts

January 23, 2013

Am I the only one who has gotten very tired of David Zurawik's remarkably inane and churlish nitpicking over the quality of the broadcasts of the Ravens games ("Ravens victory Sunday sets new high in Baltimore viewing," Jan. 21)? The first thing that one concludes from reading his tirades is that Mr. Zurawik is not really a sports fan. If he were, he would know that true fans watching a game do not analyze the coverage, they are wrapped up in the game and find the comments of the "team in the booth" quite satisfactory, and, dare I say, even appropriate.

What in the world is wrong with the cameras going to the owner's box after a Patriots touchdown instead of "showing the players on the field or what was happening in the field?" Was this sucking "up to the bosses?" I certainly would never think that. And Mr. Zurawik was "angry" because "everyone connected with the telecast was certain New England was going to win." I have news for Mr. Zurawik, virtually every other sports authority thought that New England was going to win, and that is why they were picked by a substantial margin.

I do not understand why The Sun wastes news space with these annoying rantings, but I hope that this trend does not continue, and I also wish that Mr. Zurawik would stick to something that he really knows about. The telecasters are former football players and coaches. They know the game, and they know what the fans expect. Clearly, Mr. Zurawik does not!

John S. White, Stewartstown, Pa.

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