'Snooki and JWOWW' recap, Snooki's pregnancy woes

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Mother of the year? (Ian Spanier Photography )
January 23, 2013|By Katie Hutchinson

The episode starts out with Snooki crying and frustrated with being pregnant and all the uncomfortable parts about carrying around a 9-month baby-belly.

Jionni jumps into supportive husband mode and gives her a speech that was actually quite touching. He talked about how proud he was of her, and how it would all be worth it in a couple weeks. It was a rare glimpse at the sometimes-mature and serious future-Mr. and Mrs. Lavalle.

Meanwhile, Roger and Jenni throw yet another get together with friends, and invites her father! In the past, we have only seen Jenni’s father briefly and he’s his quiet, nerdy-self. This time, however, he gets a couple drinks in him and turns into a milder version of Uncle Nino. The only difference in those two, according to him, is that he does not have a cane, he has a “different type of wood!” Ew.

At this point, I was about as mortified as Jenni was. Her father was following around her hot friend, Renee, and then even got into the hot tub with her. I will give him this, Renee was strangely toying with him the entire time and reeling him into a false hope.

The next day, Roger takes Jionni to the driving range to get him out of the house and to talk about the upcoming birth of his mini meatball. Jionni is an adamant golfer, and Roger clearly is not. I will give Jionni that, he may be two feet shorter but he has outrun and out-golfed the muscular Gorilla on several occasions now.

Later, Snooki and Jionni do a "dry run" and act as if Snooki’s water has broken and they rush to the hospital. And by rush, I mean that Jionni got lost and took twenty-five minutes to get to the hospital that is four miles away. Clearly, the dry-run was a good idea and It was funny to watch them pretend to scream and freak-out, despite the fact that it seemed to me that Jionni was really freaking out.

The couple then goes to Lamaze class, tries to be serious and pay attention but fails miserably as they crack each other up and annoy the other very-serious couple in class with them.

Snooki and Jenni go shopping for Snooki’s “leaving the hospital” outfit and wedding dress shop for Jenni. Please note, you did NOT miss anything, they have not gotten engaged yet on the show – YET. Snooki gets so tired and does not feel good so they have to cut the shopping trip short and you never see Ms. JWOWW in a white dress.

Snooki’s stomach feeling “weird” should have been a clear cut sign to them because that night her water breaks and she goes into labor! Let me clarify this situation for you – for those who are squeamish, do not continue reading the rest of this paragraph. Snooki’s mucus plug comes out in her bathroom, and she is “leaking” for hours into the night but did not have contractions yet. You know when they say your water “breaks” well hers seemed to me more like a pin popped a water balloon, the poor girl was just leaking for what seemed like HOURS!

They head to the doctors office in the morning and he confirms that her water has broken but wants them to go home and relax until her contractions are about five minutes apart. The word “relax” seemed almost mean because it sure as hell did not seem calming to go home and sit on the couch and wait. 

However, it did give her time to call Jenni and Roger who quickly pulled a U-turn in the gym parking Lot, and time to pack and get glamorous for the hospital.

Nicole heads to the hospital shortly there after, and looks like a little girl clearly scared out of her mind. She is in her leopard gown and clinging to her elephant stuffed animal for dear life. As she gets further along she keeps telling her family, friends, nurses and doctor that she has to poop really bad, but they assure her that that is just the baby.

After Jenni and Roger arrive, they get the news that it is going to be a while and they head to Jionni’s house to set up the temporary bassinet and changing table that they got her since her furniture has yet to arrive.

The episode ends when everyone heads back to the hospital and the doctor confirms she is nine-centimeters dilated and will need to start to push soon. A very scared Snooki starts to cry and the parents leave the room so that her and Jionni can get ready for the birth.

What an exciting episode! It was refreshing to see Snooki and everyone be very human – not just goofy and partying. You saw her scared, frustrated, upset, but more mature than her previous seasons on TV. You also saw Jenni and Roger being so supportive and excited for them, because you know, they are NEXT!

Things I Learned on This Episode of "Snooki And JWOWW"

Mucus plug. Ew. Enough said.

They will put a balloon in your cervix to expand it, and it’s still not the strangest thing Snooki has had in there.

Snooki shivers when she is nervous.

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