Bringing back Jim Caldwell is a good move for the Ravens

January 22, 2013|By Mike Preston

The Ravens re-signed Jim Caldwell as their offensive coordinator for next season, but it wasn't based on his production in the playoffs. The Ravens had actually wanted to do a deal with Caldwell about three weeks ago, but both sides agreed to hold off in case a team wanted to interview Caldwell as a head coach.

It's a great move by the Ravens because Caldwell is a team player who uses input from other assistant coaches as well as the players. The players feel more accountable because they are involved in the decision making process. Plus, having been a head coach, Caldwell knows how the process works and that the head coach is in charge. On Sunday against the New England Patriots, head coach John Harbaugh thought the Ravens were too conservative on offense and told Caldwell he needed to open it up in the third quarter. It wasn't a decision made by Caldwell or quarterback Joe Flacco, but Harbaugh, who stated at the beginning of the season he wanted to stay in attack mode all year.

Caldwell did as told, and the Ravens went on to victory. After the game, neither Caldwell nor Harbaugh took any credit, but Caldwell knows his role. He also has a good nature and is very easy going. With Caldwell, there isn't any phoniness or arrogance. He isn't a dictator either, just as coach who has a way of turning football into a very simple game and making it easier on the players.

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