Debt ceiling fight is needed to rein in spending

January 22, 2013

Your view of the debt ceiling crisis has a lot of merit, except that the current administration (and, to some extent, the last one as well) has shown no inclination to manage the finances of this country in a responsible manner ("Just say no to financial insanity," Jan. 16).

From no budgets passed by the Senate in at least three years (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should be impeached) to President Barack Obama commissioning the Bowles-Simpson team and then not doing any of its recommendations, the country is marching toward a much greater "fiscal cliff" than the small one just averted.

The president continues to borrow more than 40 cents on every dollar spent by the government. He has not shown the fiscal maturity to get any leeway on the debt ceiling.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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