Should brides let grooms wear whatever they want on the big day?

  • No tuxes for this groom, who wants to keep things more casual on his wedding day.
No tuxes for this groom, who wants to keep things more casual… (Algerina Perna, Baltimore…)
January 22, 2013|By Katie Mercardo, For The Baltimore Sun

Let me start this post by saying that Sam absolutely hates to go shopping! In fact, I typically have to bribe him with food just to get him to consider it. So needless to say, the thought of going shopping for suits for the wedding was harder than pulling teeth. But we did it, and we survived. And, we went out to eat after.

Because we want to keep things true to who we are in real life (not just playing dress up for a day), we decided together that tuxedos were out of the question. Sam wanted to feel comfortable and himself on his wedding day, and I completely agree that the groom should not only get a say in this decision but also get to wear whatever makes him feel best.

Ultimately, we decided on a khaki linen suit, sans jacket. On our big day, you’ll see Sam and his groomsmen in khaki pants with a white dress shirt (sleeves rolled, one of Sam’s signature looks) with vest and tie. No flowers, no jacket, no top hat and cane.

This decision got me thinking –- do other brides let their groom have a say in what they wear? Do grooms with top hats and canes really want to look like that? If so, good for them! I’m interested to see if other brides agree with my take on including the groom in the decision (since it’s what he’ll be wearing after all) or if I’m all alone on this boat.

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