Letter to the Editor

Upper Chesapeake breast cancer center praised

January 22, 2013


Kudos to Dr. Meghan Milburn and the Upper Chesapeake Multa-Disciplinary Breast Cancer Team!

Gals—self check "is" the answer to safety plus!!!!

If you want "the" best care and attention you can get—go to Upper Chesapeake and their awesome team!! A "self-check" in October led to the swiftness and best of professional care to breast cancer surgery by the end of December with roller coaster speed and a huge "Whew" with the post surgery follow up appointment from myself and my wonderful family and friends!!!

Dr. Meghan Milburn's arrival at Upper Chesapeake has been the best that our county could ever hope for. She has organized the creme de la creme of professionals and it's truly one stop shopping. If you have breast cancer, the team consists of surgeon, oncologist, pathologist, radiologist, breast cancer nurse navigator, social worker, nurses on pre-op and post-op, receptionists and secretaries all working together not only at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center but at University of Maryland.

Room 511 at Upper Chesapeake is the new 911 when it comes to professionalism!!

The true beauty of it all is the wonderful new breast cancer wing will be opened in the fall of 2013 and all the magic will be in one central location.

Thanks to my devoted family and friends of a lifetime I will soon be ready to kick up my heels' and be back on the road again, just me and Willie Nelson.

Bonnie Watts-Cook

Bel Air

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